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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Michigan Fallout, SEC Media Days, Previews

Plus what do other people think of Arkansas this season?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We've already covered the fact that Michigan has dropped the future home and home series with the Hogs, The Chicago Tribune has some reaction from Bret Bielema which was notable for two completely unrelated reasons. First, he's vacationing in London, which deserves an entire episode of "Being Bret Bielema." Second, he's throwing out the idea of a satellite camp in Cabo. Which probably also deserves an entire episode as well. Basically we need the SEC Network to pick up the show for an entire season.

Arkansas has also announced who will be their media day representatives will be, and like always under Bielema, the Hogs are sending a unique group. I don't know how often a team has sent a tight end, a linebacker and a defensive end to media days but I doubt it happens often. Arkansas' day in Birmingham is just under a week away. Media days means the season is finally drawing closer and all the off season content is getting close to an end.

If you want some outside opinion on Arkansas this upcoming season, there are some serious predictions and there are some that are, less so. Arkansas' preview was included in the most recent SB Nation Shutdown Fullcast. I recommend listening to the entire podcast, but the section on Arkansas starts about at the 40 minute mark and is a good 15 minutes of Arkansas related jokes, including a comparison to Dragonball Z and some excellent NovemBERT mentions.

If you want some more serious takes, SEC Country is compiling a central place of what other preseason magazines are saying about the Hogs. The SEC Predictions from five magazines are there, and include preseason SEC selections and other random tidbits of information like who could be some breakout players and who is the fastest on the team.