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Meet the 2016 Arkansas Football Opponent All-Name Team

Imagine each name being said by Uncle Verne, will ya?

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Alabama
First team All-Name defensive lineman Da’Shawn Hand going against Denver Kirkland last season.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

One of the ways I know it’s finally time for SEC football in the fall is Verne Lundquist’s soothing voice. You may not like him, and that’s fine. He sometimes doesn’t get the teams he’s covering right 25 percent of the time, everyone’s name exactly correct and he sometimes, I think, forgets he’s calling a game.

But when I hear his voice, I know its time for the SEC on CBS Game of the Week, dadgummit.

Can you really tell me, though, you’re not going to miss moments like this when he’s gone? He has been on the call for more iconic SEC moments than probably any other announcer, and again, his voice is gold to me.

I love when a player makes a big play offensively or defensively, and he breaks into his slow name call at 7 p.m. on an October Saturday when the sun is going down behind the stadium packed with 80,000-plus fans – “C .... J .... Mosely,” or “Tim .... Tebow.” I feel like I’m home and right where I should be.

So when I came up with the idea for this, I took his voice into consideration – as well as just picking out some of the most outlandish/cool names Arkansas will be facing this season. Its time to get familiar with the best names paying a visit to the Razorbacks. Here’s what I came up with:

First Team All-Name Offense

QBRyan Higgins (Louisiana Tech)

RB – Ish Witter (Missouri)

WR – LaQuivionte Gonzalez (Texas A&M)

WR – Raidarious Anderson (Alcorn State)

WR – Fred Ross (Mississippi State)

TE – C’yontai Lewis (Florida)

OL – Cam Robinson (Alabama)

OL – Prince Tega Wanogho (Auburn)

OL – Stone Forsythe (Florida)

OL – Harley Whitehouse (Missouri)

OL – Kavaris Harkless (Florida)

K – Lumi Kaba (Texas State)

Honorable Mention: FB – Bry’Kiethon Mouton (LSU)

First Team All-Name Defense

DL – Pakamiaiaea Davis (TCU)

DL – Da’Shawn Hand (Alabama)

DLTed Ed Cruz (Missouri)

LB – Otaro Alaka (Texas A&M)

LB – Temario Strong (Ole Miss)

LB – Devin Voorhies (LSU)

LB – Jacob Trump (Missouri) – “And, no, he’s of no relation to the man who may become president, Gary. 3rd and 8 for Arkansas. Well, I don’t believe so, anyway. /chortle”

DB – Ephraim Kitchen (Louisiana Tech)

DB – Easy Anyama (Texas State)

DB – Demetrious Whitehead (Alcorn State)

DB – Duke Dawson (Florida)

P – Corey Fatoney (Missouri)

Honorable Mention: LB Davon Godchaux (LSU)

All-Arkansas Opponent’s Name of the Year: Raidarious Anderson (Alcorn State)