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Arkansas Kicker Lane Saling Won’t Play For Razorbacks In 2016

Just another special teams question for the Razorbacks, what could go wrong?

NCAA Football: Tennessee-Martin at Arkansas
Kicker tackle!
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the question marks for the Razorbacks heading into this season, one that isn’t mentioned enough is Arkansas’ kicking game.

Field goal problems last year are the biggest issue, and with the same kickers coming back, it’s still a concern. However, Arkansas will now have to figure out who the new kickoff kicker will be. Last year’s kicker, Lane Saling, will not be back with the team this year, it was reported on Tuesday.

Saling has competed to be the field goal kicker the last few years, but the walkon from Owasso found his role last year as the lead kickoff specialist. He kicked off 70 times and forced a touchback 11 of those times (and made one tackle [pictured above!]). We don’t yet know if Cole Hedlund or Adam McFain will take his job, but hopefully he’ll build on that percentage. Struggles to reach the end zone has been a frequent complaint in recent years.

Since Hedlund was the placekicker last year, and apparently keeping the job through spring, it wouldn’t surprise me if McFain ends up handling kickoffs, but we’ll see.