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Arkansas Internet Chatter - More Weekly Previews, Basketball Starts Practice

Plus what would an all-Razorback MLB team look like?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

This week we found two more previews from opponents about their matchup with the Hogs, and they're both from the state of Alabama. First is the preview from Auburn, who has its sights set on revenge after last season's 4 OT slugfest. A major point about this game that was talked about is the schedule, and it doesn't set up well for the Hogs. Arkansas will be coming off what will surely be two physical games against Alabama and Ole Miss. On the other side, the Tigers will have a bye week before the game to get players healthy and gameplan. This potentially sets up for a rough game for the Hogs.

The other preview comes from Alabama, who interestingly predicts the exact same scoreline as the Auburn preview. Something tells me this one will be significantly lower scoring than the matchup against Auburn. At this point, both media and fans expect this game to be ugly and physical, and nothing has happened to make us think this year will be anything different.

Arkansas basketball sets off for itssummer trip to Spain soon, and with it comes valuable practice time that starts today. This year that extra practice is going to be especially important with so many new players. Mike Anderson's team will look very different with potentially three new starters being thrown into the fire immediately. Arkansas will also get four games while abroad, so seeing how they play together and grow will be interesting.

Baseball is right in the middle of the dog days of summer, with various Razorbacks playing in the big leagues – some having more success than others. Despite that here is an interesting hypothetical about what an All-Razorback professional team would look like. It is almost entirely major leaguers, but a couple of picks in Triple-A for guys like Andrew Benintendi and Andy Wilkins had to be made. The pitching staff has had a tough year, but Logan Forsythe has had a solid year and would make an excellent leadoff choice.

With less than two weeks until the Summer Olympics the handful of current and former Razorbacks going to Brazil are making their final preparations. Maybe one of the most likely medalists could be pole vaulter Sandi Morris. The former Razorback NCAA Champion just broke the American record in a tune up for the games, beating Jenn Suhr's mark, who will also be competing in Rio.