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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Sights and Sounds from SEC Media Days

SEC Media Days definitely didn't disappoint for the Hogs.

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Based off social media and various internet reactions, Bret Bielema stole the show at SEC Media Days. He dropped plenty of quotable lines and jokes that had largely positive feedback. We've got coverage of what he said in way more detail here. Bielema fielded plenty of questions about the cancelled Michigan series, and probably used the word "sexy" a record number of times at SEC Media Days. He also was very excited to talk about running backs Raleigh Williams and Devwah Whaley, which is a huge positive for the upcoming season.

Bielema stole the show but wasn't the only Razorback there, Detrich Wise, Brooks Ellis and Jeremy Sprinkle all joined in and you can see some of what they said in a collection from Saturday Down South. Ellis talked a little coaching transitions and a trip he had to Belize. Wise and Sprinkle's quotes all focus on looking ahead to next season and that transition to a bigger leadership role among the team.

One of the more common topics coming out of SEC Media Days is that Bielema is the new Steve Spurrier. The first couple days of the week were relatively boring, but when Bielema addresed the gathered journalists Wednesday morning, he was able to inject some much needed life into the proceedings. Not a bad reputation to have.

For a really good longer read, check out this piece on Jonathan Williams getting to know former Bills running back Thurman Thomas. Williams met with him to discuss his future in the NFL, which is something Thomas frequently does with new Buffalo draft picks. It hits on a lot of different things, including Thomas being very honest his issues with head injuries after his career. Thomas sounds very high on JWill and there was a lot of talk about his comeback from his injury. Something that both believe is very likely to be successful.