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Arkansas Internet Chatter - Toughest Stretch of the Football Schedule? And Baseball Loses... Again.

Plus a letter from Jabril Durham and a new basketball walk on.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Arkansas' football schedule this season is one of the toughest in the nation. Again. This article seems to come out every offseason, but that just comes with the territory when playing in the SEC West. The interesting part is that this article from ESPN breaks down which three-game stretch is the toughest for the Hogs. You can take your pick between the run of Alabama, Ole Miss and at Auburn in October or Florida, LSU, at Mississippi State in November. When breaking those stretches down, it is really fortunate for the Hogs this year that their four toughest games, in my opinion, are all at home.

Dave Van Horn's team realistically needed a series win against LSU to keep their postseason hopes alive. They were soundly beaten in the series finale to cap off a sweep, but they are going to regret all of the missed opportunities in the first two games, including blowing a 9-1 lead in the middle game of the series. Not only is the NCAA Tournament likely out of the picture now, the SEC Tournament berth is in danger now the Hogs have fallen to last in the conference.

Maybe the loss Saturday can be blamed on the #RallyPossum that ran onto the field of the seventh inning of the game and bravely led the Tigers to victory. Video of the Rally Possum's adventure is here, complete with Carson Shaddy having no idea what to do with the little guy before eventually helping the grounds crew get it off the field.

One of the bright spots for Razorback basketball was the growth of senior Jabril Durham. After coming from JUCO he made an impact as a facilitator this season and shooting up the school's leaderboard for assists. Now that his graduation is approaching he wrote a feel good letter to the fans about his time in Fayetteville. He may not have the best shot at an NBA career, but he definitely has a bright future ahead.

As one point guard leaves the program another comes in. Arkansas will be getting R.J. Glasper from Forrest City to walk on to the team. He had a handful of scholarship offers from smaller schools in the state but chose to walk on for the Razorbacks. He scored a lot at Forrest City, but will be on the team for depth and won't play a whole lot unless his development skyrockets.