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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Who Steps Up for the Hogs in 2016?

Plus Nolan gets a hole in one!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It's still a few months away from the Razorback football, but everyone and their brother is trying to figure out which players will make the biggest impact this fall. Some local media voted on who the Hogs' top-10 players are, and it might not be as predictable as you think. The top-five is defense heavy, but probably not in the order you were thinking. It's an interesting exercise that shows that Arkansas won't have the star power like last year, but will have a collectively solid group of players.

ESPN also is looking into impact players, and selected Brooks Ellis as their most important player for the Hogs this year. Ellis was just one of two defensive players chosen for the SEC West. Not surprisingly, the rest of the SEC will be focusing on quarterback play, either returning or newcomers. Despite this, the focus on Ellis shows how this year's Razorback team will look different from the rest of the conference.

Freshmen will also be making an impact this season, and Bret Bielema is not shying away from talking about it, saying he wouldn't be surprised if each position group had a newcomer playing some big minutes. The year's biggest recruits will likely be the ones making the biggest impact. McTelvin Agim and Devwah Wahley are players who can come in and play immediately, Bielema also mentioned Jordan Jones by name as another possibility. All of this shows that there will be a new look to the team in 2016.

For some Razorback fans, there is nothing that Nolan Richardson can't do. This weekend the former coach got a hole-in-one at a course in Rogers. Theres no video of the actual shot, but there is a shot of him retrieving his ball afterwards. The legend of of Nolan is still growing.