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VOTE NOW: Help Former Razorbacks Basketball Players Get Into 'The Basketball Tournament'


Andy Lyons/Getty Images

You may have never heard of The Basketball Tournament, and if you haven't that's okay. But you need to know now.

Simply, it is a winner-take-all, 5-on-5 basketball tournament with a grand prize of two million dollars.

Why should you care? Well, a group of former Razorbacks basketball players need your help getting in.

Specifically, they need your votes to be considered for the field, and they need as many as possible before the June 1 deadline. Nationally this tournament has become bigger and bigger each year. In its first go-around in 2014, the grand prize was $500,000. Last year it was a million bucks, and this year it has doubled again.

This Arkansas team is consisted of all former Arkansas players you're familiar with, including Nick Mason, Alandise Harris, Stef Welsh, Ky Madden and several more. Team name you ask? 40 Minutes of Hell. Perfect.

Now, before you do anything else today, vote here, and help them out. It literally takes two or three minutes tops. Invite everyone you know and everyone they know. Help spread the word.

Razorbacks fans are some of the most passionate in the nation, and this absolutely seems like something that could spread like wildfire. Do your part, and let's try to make this thing happen.


Here's the full roster: Rickey Scott, Mardracus Wade, Courtney Fortson, Ky Madden, BJ Young, Jamal Farmer, Marshawn Powell, Alandise Harris, Delvon Johnson and Charles Thomas. Thanks to the team GM Nick Mason for the info.