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Report: Arkansas and Oklahoma Have Discussed Neutral Site Game in 2020

Apparently folks in Oklahoma were looking into this.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

According to a report from the Tulsa World, Jeff Long has reached out to Oklahoma AD Joe Castiglione concerning playing a football game in Houston in 2020.

The Tulsa World discovered an email from Long to Castiglione in 2014 in which Long gauges Castiglione's interest in the game. We do not see the response, and obviously, the game has not yet been officially scheduled.

I'm not really sure why the World put in a records request for this information. But it's the offseason and I enjoy talking scheduling.

Arkansas has marquee non-conference opponents set up for the next four years with home-and-homes against TCU and Michigan scheduled, and the Fayetteville game against Texas is still on the books for 2021, but the Hogs don't have any non-conference games scheduled for 2020. The Sooners could obviously fill that void if the game is still in consideration by both schools.

There were reports last year that Arkansas was interested in a non-conference game with Baylor, but those plans fell through for whatever reason and the Bears now have a non-conference game scheduled with the Ole Miss Rebel Bears instead, but clearly there's evidence that Long is working to get another high profile game on the schedule for Arkansas in 2020.

Also, he signed his name "JLo" which is amazing.