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People Are Talking About Arkansas Moving To The Big 12 Again

Must we go through this again?

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Big 12 is talking about expanding again in an effort to regenerate itself back to 12 teams.


Since most major universities have found a home in one conference or another, their options are primarily schools considered respectable mid-majors in football such as Cincinnati, BYU, Houston, Memphis, UConn, etc.

However, as always when this comes up, some people are talking about Arkansas leaving the SEC for the Big 12.

The points are always the same. Fayetteville is much closer to a geographic fit with the Big 12 than the SEC. Arkansas has historical ties to all the Southwest Conference schools. It would probably open more recruiting opportunities in Texas. That's pretty much it.

As if that's all that matters.

People are talking about it on the radio. Barry Switzer mentioned it, saying he always wanted to dump Colorado and bring in Arkansas. Houston Nutt said he liked the idea of the Big 12 because he could keep a job for 15 years (which makes no sense, but, Nutt). WholeHogSports even ridiculously ran an article about Garth Brooks saying he supported the idea.

Of course, it's all a non-starter. The SEC makes more money. The SEC brings a certain prestige - several recruits, particularly out-of-state prospects, point to Arkansas being in the SEC as a reason to give the program a serious look. How would Arkansas if it was known as the school that left the SEC? Plenty of people would paint it as "Arkansas couldn't hack it in the SEC so they ran off to the Big 12."

And most importantly, the SEC is stable. It's not about to dissolve. If Arkansas left the SEC for the Big 12, and the Big 12 still disbanded, what would happen to Arkansas? Anybody really think the SEC would take the Razorbacks back? Would the Hogs have to pray for a reach-out from the ACC or Big Ten? That would probably be best case scenario. Worst case scenario, the Hogs would left out like the Kansases and Iowa States of the country nearly were a few years ago.

So let's just stop this nonsense.

No, it's not happening.