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Arkansas Announces Football Ticket Increases and Decreases for 2016 Season

This was teased last week when the stadium expansion plans were announced, and here are some details.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

There's a good chance your football tickets will have a different price tag in 2016. But they're not all being raised. Many will be raised, but some tickets prices are actually being lowered.

This is the first time most ticket prices at Arkansas have been changed since 2010. UA says the money will be used to help continue to fund all the sports on campus as well as a new video board on the south end of Razorback Stadium, which is part of of the design of filling in the north end zone.

Basically, the seats staying the same are the Pig Heaven and East Outdoor Club seats. Upper level seating at Razorback Stadium and all War Memorial Stadium seats are going down (Alcorn State!). And everything else is going up.

Here's the rundown:

Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium

  • Stadium (100 level): $360 (2015 - $300)
  • Stadium (500 level): $250 (2015 - $300)
  • Pig Heaven: $300 (2015 - $300)
  • Red Zone: $360 (2015 - $420)
  • South Outdoor Club: $850 (2015 - $600)
  • South Indoor Club: $800 (2015 - $600)
  • East Outdoor Club: $750 (2015 - $750)
  • East Indoor Club: $1,100/$1,000 (2015 - $900)
  • West and East Suites: $2,400 (2015 - $2,100)
  • South Suites: $2,100 (2015 - $1,800)

War Memorial Stadium

  • Sideline Seats: $45 (2015 - $55)
  • End Zone Seats: $35 (2015 - $45)
I applaud the reduction in seating in the upper decks and at War Memorial since the opponent this year is Alcorn State. It will be interesting to see if more people buy tickets at the reduced rates. Honestly, they probably would have raised the other prices sooner had the program not fallen into a ditch in 2012. These are still among the lower prices in the SEC.