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Arkansas Recruiting: Kyle Porter Commits to Texas over Arkansas

This stings a bit.

Arkansas spent the year aiming for two elite running backs to replace Jonathan Williams and Alex Collins, and while they landed one of them in Devwah Whaley, they were hoping fellow Texan Kyle Porter would be the other, but it appears that's not going to happen.

Porter doesn't have his own social media accounts, but his teammates at Katy as well as Austin-area reporters are announcing his decision to commit to Texas.

This was largely thought to be an Arkansas-TCU battle as the Texas people didn't feel great about Porter when he left his official visit recently and reporters for both Arkansas and TCU seemed confident, but Porter was unusually quiet throughout the process and has surprised a lot of people with his apparent decision to head to Austin.

We'll have to wait and see if Arkansas has a backup plan in place or if they'll roll with Whaley and look at T.J. Hammonds as more of a running back and wide receiver.