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Arkansas Razorbacks News: Coaching Stability, Pro Hogs and Recruits

Plus Bret Bielema puts on his analyst hat.

Arkansas v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Part of the aftermath that happens after every college football season is the coaching carousel. From the head coach on down nearly every staff has some form of turnover. According to Bret Bielema, none of that will be through Arkansas’ actions. He told media he doesn’t expect to make any coaching changes or knee jerk reactions to what happened this season. Whether or not that actually means the entire staff stays put remains to be seen. An assistant or two may go elsewhere to bigger roles or join another staff, but don’t expect any major shakeups to Bielema’s staff.

Now is also the team everyone looks back at the year and what questions got answered and what didn’t. For Arkansas, they did well to get over their September struggles and Austin Allen performed very well as a first year starter. On the other hand the trenches on both sides left fans disappointed. More on what went right and what didn’t can be read here.

In your ProHogs update, Hunter Henry continues to have a fantastic season for the San Diego Chargers. He now has five TDs on the season, that equals all other rookie Tight Ends combined. A.J. Derby and Trey Flowers were the other two Hogs making the biggest impact for their teams this past weekend.

Right now Arkansas stands at 19 commits for next season, but the majority of those come on the offensive side of the ball. Here is a list of three defensive targets the Hogs are pushing for as we move into winter. Unfortunately, safety J’Marick Woods announced Friday morning he’d be sticking with Michigan, so we’ll see how the class shapes out.

The Hogs might not be heading to the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship, but Bielema will be there as an analyst. As one of the coaches to play both Florida and Alabama, he will be a part of SEC Network’s coverage breaking down the game. If you want to watch he will be on Saturday’s pregame coverage.