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Arkansas Razorbacks News: Florida, Secret Scrimmages, and Trey Flowers

Plus an update on the Razorback Soccer’s SEC Tournament run.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Florida is a tough team to figure out, their offense can look downright bad at times, and their defense is loaded with 4 and 5-star talent. Normally a team on the edge of being in the top ten would be favored by quite a bit more than just 4.5 points like the Gators are now and weekly predictions are very close. 4 of the 5 ESPN pickers are taking the Gators, but everyone has it marked down for a one possession game. With Arkansas’ recent history of close games, this one has potential to be another one.

One of Florida’s biggest strengths is the secondary and it’s easy to see why. They have a ton of blue chip guys lurking around the field and making plays. One thing that both Bret Bielema and Rick Neuheisel, who spoke at the Touchdown Club this week, said they also do is help the run defense. They are so dynamic the Gators don’t fear leaving them one-on-one outside to load up the box. If Arkansas can’t take advantage of those matchups, it will be slow going on the offensive side of the ball.

Arkansas basketball has their second scrimmage this Friday, and it could be one of the last ones the Hogs play. Mike Anderson talked about the growing trend of “secret” scrimmages being played in lieu of exhibitions against DII teams. These are games against DI programs but are played behind closed doors and don’t even have official scoring. Right now Arkansas is just one of three teams not taking part in these.

Trey Flowers is starting to get his shot in the NFL, he has been getting more and more significant playing time and this past weekend he got his first two career NFL sacks. The number of plays he has been getting has gradually grown and it’s good to see him making the most of those snaps.

Arkansas Soccer has advanced to the SEC Semifinals after a 1-0 win over Vanderbilt, the tournament has been all chalk so far and the 3-seed Hogs will play the 2-seed Auburn Tigers tomorrow. Auburn was one of three SEC teams to beat the Razorbacks in the regular season. This game could have a huge impact on Arkansas’ potential of hosting NCAA Tournament games, a win and spot in the final would help the cause a lot.