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Going Ham Podcast: Missouri Players Are Surprisingly Well Spoken...

Considering they all have meth teeth

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be damned if some ginger snap backup linebacker from a 3-9 school didn’t actually rustle our jimmies. Well done, butternut. I’m sure the 7-4 Arkansas Razorbacks (not as intimidating sounding as I’d hoped) will let that one slide.

This still feels like a forced rivalry, but Mizzou is doing their damnedest to make it fel natural. Between the 2014 cheap shots, their absolutely insufferable basketball fans, and the fact that they continue to talk smack as they sink lower and lower into nothingness makes them fun and easy to hate.

Hopefully, the Hogs come out on Friday and send the Tigers home with a sound loss. Regardless of the outcome, I fully expect the Tigers to remind us of their 2 SEC east titles at some point. Congrats on winning the worst division in football a few years back, guys.

It’s like when Missouri brags about all those final four appearances they have...OH WAIT.