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Going Ham Podcast: You Down With RW3?

Yeah, you know me.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Mississippi State Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Arkansas Razorbacks outscored the Mississippi State Bulldogs on Saturday to improve to 7-4 on the season, with a solid chance of going 8-4. Which is EXACTLY where 2 of our 3 hosts predicted the Hogs to finish in 2016. #SMART

We did our best to be as positive as possible following this win. The Hogs offense looked incredible. In part because of MSU’s bad defense, but also because Arkansas did things right. They ran off the tackles, they passed to the gaps and the flats, and didn’t turn the ball over.

Of course, it’s hard to overlook that defense. It’s bad. It’s as bad as any defense I can remember at Arkansas. The difference being that it shouldn’t be that bad. There are a few guys out there that will get serious NFL consideration when their time comes, and it’s just unacceptable. The gang has already accepted that Robb Smith is gone. But who else suffers the fate of the chopping block? Segrest? Hargreaves? This entire unit is poopy diapers.

All that and more on this first episode. We’ll have our Missouri preview up earlier this week as well. Woo pig.