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Reasons to Hate: Mississippi State

Hatin’ on Clanga

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports
  1. CLANGA. Those damn cowbells are the most annoying thing in the conference. They’re worse than that visiting LSU fan who spits his dip on the seats in front of him. They’re worse than hearing “Rocky Top” for the 1,000 time. The SEC does not allow any artificial noise makers to be used, but they allowed State to keep those cowbells. They make their stadium twice as loud as it should be.
  2. Bielema is 0-3 against them. To me, this is actually the biggest strike against Bielema so far. Granted, he has caught Mississippi State during probably their best stretch in school history. Nonetheless, it’s time to get a win against the Bulldogs.
  3. Starkville is the worst city in the conference. I’ve seen the Hogs play in Starkville twice. You show up and you leave. There is no staying in Starkville. There is no going out and enjoying Starkville. You leave the game and drive back to Meridian/Tupelo/Memphis to stay the night.
  4. They play embarrassing road games. Since 2012, they’ve played at Troy, South Alabama and Southern Miss. Next year they travel to Louisiana Tech. Have some self respect. Could you imagine the Hogs doing that? Going to Rutgers was weird enough.
  5. Did I mention Starkville?

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