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Going Ham Podcast: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chaos

We just don’t know about this team, you guys...

LSU v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Are the Arkansas Razorbacks good? Are the Arkansas Razorbacks bad? Are they exactly in the middle of the SEC? WE LITERALLY DON’T KNOW AND THERE ARE ONLY 2 GAMES LEFT IN THE REGULAR SEASON!

The Hogs got rolled by LSU this past weekend, and it all came down to two key things: LSU is physical, and the Razorbacks are not. That is what separated the Tide, Tigers, and War Eagles from the Hogs. TAMU...well, that’s just their September voodoo.

The Hogs failed in pretty much all aspects of their gameplan this week, and now they have to turn around and win games that fans are actually expecting them to win. Can they do it? They better. Because Arkansas fans are a fickle bunch, and all the goodwill that Bielema had coming into this season has been evaporated after getting shellacked in 4 separate games so far in 2016.

But 8 or 9 wins would calm some fears, even if they don’t silence the lot. But first, we have to relive this LSU game one last time.