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Reasons to Hate: LSU

It may not be a rivalry to everyone, but it is to us, dangit.

Missouri v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images
  1. It’s the Hogs longest active trophy game. Forget that made up rivalry with a school from the north, LSU is the rival Hog fans have wanted since joining the conference.
  2. They don’t hate us as much as we hate them. Since they are and older member of the conference, they have much more history playing teams like Ole Miss, Florida and Alabama. As I made a poke at Missouri in reason one, I have a feeling LSU’s annoyance with Arkansas mirrors what Hog fans have for Mizzou.
  3. They underachieve every year. Now that Les Miles is gone, that may change. However, I’d like to think that if the Hogs had all that talent, they wouldn’t struggle like LSU has in recent years.
  4. The Hogs don’t play them on the Friday after Thanksgiving anymore. For the most part, that game always played a role in who won the west. I’ll go to my grave saying Arkansas got the bad end of the deal when they picked up Mizzou, who will probably have two wins when they play the Hogs this year.
  5. RIP to Mike the Tiger VI. Not a reason to hate, but I wanted to pay my proper respects.

Leave your reasons to hate in the comments.