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Trailer for the John Daly 30 for 30 Documentary “Hit It Hard” Is Here; Watch it Now

The highly anticipated (at least in these parts) documentary will air on ESPN November 1st.

PGA: The 144th Open Championship-First Round Ian Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN announced a while back that they would be producing a new 30 for 30 miniseries based on Arkansas’ own John Daly.

It was announced so far back that I was actually wondering recently if I’d somehow missed it or if they’d decided to kill it for some reason. But then, word finally came down on Tuesday that the documentary will air on ESPN on November 1st and the trailer was ready. You can watch it right here:

I think this looks fantastic. It’s a worthy addition the recent run of Arkansas-related films in recent years that I think started with the SEC Storied: 40 Minutes of Hell film in 2012 (although, granted, little of the movie is likely to be UA-related - but the entire thing will be Arkansas-related).

Side note: I’ve posted a few Daly-related items in my years running this site. One of the hardest things I ever do is spend time searching through the database of a Daly photo that accurately fits his persona. There are so many photos. And so many outfits. This one is from last year’s British Open.