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Hog Trough Fancast #203 - Don’t RollOver, Hogs!

Arkansas gets the #1 Crimson Tide at home. Is this a now or never kind of game? Can we win? Will we win? Why you asking me so many questions? This is the Hog Trough Fancast!

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

After dominating quietly at War Memorial Stadium this past weekend, the Hogs return to the Hill to take on the behemoth in the Alabama Crimson Tide. Will this be a trap game for the Tide underneath the lights on ESPN? Can the Hogs finally get the Saban monkey off of their back? We’re going to need a miracle.

  • Did you miss not going to War Memorial?
  • Is Bielema Smart?
  • Arkansas hasn’t won since 2006. Can Austin Allen help break the streak?
  • Or will Austin Allen simply get broken?
  • Does Arkansas have ANY advantages in this game besides home field advantage?
  • Making You Money!
  • Twitter Fans Predictions!
  • Our final predictions!

If the audio player does not work, click here to listen!

Recorded Thursday night, October 4, 2016.

This is the Hog Trough Fancast!