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Going Ham Podcast: Still Like Driving In Our Trucks

We don’t much care for Auburn

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

On this episode, emotions run wild as Cory, Jon, and Razor try to figure out what happened last Saturday on the plains. Other than Auburn being bigger, faster, stronger, and better than Arkansas, WHAT HAPPENED?

The crew focuses on a few key aspects of the team that is lacking at the moment in talent or upperclassmen. Also, there are part of the team, like the defensive line, that have regressed so much in production that it’s impressive.

If we call out your favorite player, or come across as “too mean” (which is something we’ve heard before) then we’re sorry. We’re strictly talking football. And strictly football speaking, that Auburn game was about as awful of a game as the Hogs have ever played.

Which means, logically, that there were individual guys and groups that played their worst football of their careers. There is only one way to deal with a loss like this: Scream into the void of the internet, and then move on. So with that, let’s start the show.