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Arkansas vs Auburn: Final Grades

Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

So there was a comment made after the Alabama game of what would need to happen to result in an F, well this game against Auburn certainly gave plenty of examples. A combination of slow start on offense, untimely turnovers, unprepared, undermanned and over-matched on defense resulted in a big fail. As has been the one consistent throughout, Austin Allen and the wide receivers performed well and but it was not enough to put points on the board.


Passing Accuracy: A

Awareness: C

Decision Making: C

Clutch: C

Overall: B Toughness off the chart.

Grit, toughness, heart, whatever you want to call it, we’ve said it all before. The inability to keep him standing in the pocket, and trying to force some plays once they were behind led to some turnovers. Against Auburn the offense was playing one handed by not being able to move the ball at all on the ground and allowing the defensive line to rush without any caution. Perfect timing on the usual 12 yd outs and a couple of well timed screens put some yards up but it was ugly from the second drive on.

Running Back

Ball Security: A

Run Success Rate: D

YDS After Contact: D

Passing Game: C

Overall: C Not many holes opened up front, Auburn too quick to get ouside. 39 yards rushing....

Tight End

Run/Pass Blocking: C

Routes: B

Catch Rate: B

Overall: B

Opposing teams have game planned Sprinkle out of the equation, and as he is the best option in pass blocking has been limited in targets. Attempting to counter this Enos has added a few more plays to Austin Cantrell, but there just weren’t many opportunities. Cantrell was solid in most instances as the H-back in the run game, but it is so hard to tell when the offensive line is demolished every play.

Wide Receiver

Catch Rate: A

Run After Catch: A

Blocking: B

Routes: A

Overall: A

The most experienced group on the field just could not find a way to break anything open. The longest reception of the game was a 19 yarder to Drew Morgan on the third play of the game. After that it was prevent mode for Auburn most of the game and only underneath openings. Auburn made open field tackles, played deep over the top coverage and kept everything in front of them.

Offensive Line

Run Blocking: D

Pass Pro: F

Short Yardage: D

Overall: F

Not much to say here other than the pic below, and what former Hog Mitch Petrus said on TV over the weekend. Physically beaten on many plays, both at the point of attack and by quicker pursuing defenders. At RG there must be a better solution with someone that can excel in one aspect of the game either pass pro or run schemes. What they have at LG in Froholdt is a player who when engaged in the run game has the physical tools and quickness in pass pro to get the job done. The same cannot be said at RG and RT as well.

Overall: F

Defensive Line

Pass Rush: C

Gap Integrity: F

Contain: F

Overall: F

Setting the edge, repeatedly has been a problem for this dline. Part of that is in alignment and scheme, and part is in read and recognition by the DE. The first play looked to be too easy and targeted the same problem that Alabama found two weeks earlier. Shooting the DE inside when they read inside run or block down by the OT and scraping linebackers that are too slow to fill outside.


Play Diagnosis: F

Run Fit: F

Coverage: D

Overall: F

The linebackers are struggling right now. The DC attempted to blitz, got caught guessing wrong, played base was steamrolled, showed some different looks and still were unable to slow down the Auburn rushing attack. They finally resorted to playing a 7 man box with a safety dropped or a 3 linebacker and combined with the struggles of the defensive line had no answer for Pettway’s power running.

Defensive Back

Run Fit: F

Open Field Tackling: F

Break on the ball: C

Pattern Matching: C

Overall: F Yes 2 C’s and 2 F’s= an overall F, it was that bad.

After a terrible performance like this one there is not much positive than can be taken away other than the fact it is over. The off week should be interesting to see if any changes are announced. Hmmm maybe a midseason addition to the linebacker group from offense?