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Reasons to Hate: Auburn

Maybe their elevators will work this year

NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Elevatorgate. This is easily my favorite “gate” of all time. The game was tied 21-21 before the coaches got stuck on the elevators, and Auburn won 45-21 after the coaches were stuck on the elevator. Clearly, it was rigged and I don’t accept the outcome of that game.
  2. The Gus Bus. Auburn shouldn’t even use this because the Jacksonville Jaguars use it for their head coach Gus Bradley. Do they really want to be assocaited with the Jaguars? He should start going by “Gustavo” anyway, since that visor makes him look like he runs a large amount of fast food restaurants (Gustavo Fring Breaking Bad reference!).
  3. Auburn is a nine point favorite. Besides Auburn getting to have a bye week before the game, I’m can’t see where Vegas sees these nine points. Arkansas won two SEC road games last year against top 25 teams. The Hogs are clearly better than they were last year, and more improved than Auburn. The only team that Auburn has beat that is worth anything is LSU, while the Hogs have won at TCU and against Ole Miss.
  4. I hate the mascot situation with them. The whole War Eagle/Tiger thing is dumb to me. Be an eagle, or be a tiger, but you can't be both. Honestly, just embrace the eagle. There are already several other Tigers in the league.
  5. The 2010 Auburn game. I’m still bitter. Broderick Green was clearly down. Even Auburn fans believe that Tramain Thomas forced that fumble on the goalline at early in the game. With Penn Wagers officiating that game, who can call the outcome credibile?

As always, let me know your reasons in the comments.