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Arkansas Razorbacks News: Emerging From Chaos Victorious

Arkansas and Ole Miss got wild again.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it wasn’t the outright chaos that the 2015 game turned into, but this year’s edition of the Ole Miss game was still a ton of fun and again ended on a ball being launched backwards on a 4th and long. It was also a game that effectively ended Ole Miss’ chances at competing with Texas A&M and Alabama and kept the Razorbacks afloat in the SEC West.

Speaking of that 4th and long, people took notice of Santos Ramirez’s play. His two big plays in the 4th quarter made a huge difference in the game and really made this a coming out party for him. After Ryan Pulley made some big plays in the first half of the season, Ramirez is now the second sophomore in the Arkansas secondary really grabbing the attention of Arkansas fans in a positive way.

Rawleigh Williams’ game earned him SEC Offensive Player of the Week honors and vaulted him up to the conference lead in rushing. This piece about the SEC’s unknown running backs is epitomized by Williams’ emergence. After expecting huge seasons from Leonard Fournette and Nick Chubb, its been guys like Rawleigh and Texas A&M’s Trayveon Williams who have been putting up the biggest numbers.

Arkansas tried to market the Alabama game as the loudest game, setting a goal of 120 decibels at some point. The Ole Miss game very nearly met that goal instead, posting a reading of 117. It got all kinds of superlatives about how Razorback Stadium was louder than a lot of people have ever heard it. I wasn’t there but it certainly sounded loud on TV.

Wrapping up with a quick ProHogs update, Alex Collins has had limited time with the Seahawks but made the most of it this weekend when he got his first NFL touchdown. Knile Davis has fallen out of favor in Kansas City and has been traded to the Green Bay Packers, where he can hopefully get some more touches than he has been getting this year. Cobi Hamilton scored his first career touchdown with the Steelers as well.