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College Football Week 7 Predictions: SEC on Friday and Third Saturday in October

Oh, and Arkansas vs Ole Miss, Ohio State at Wisconsin, and more!

NCAA Football: Alabama at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I live in Florida and survived Hurricane Mathew (which is why there were no picks last week), unfortunately, the Razorbacks did not survive Hurricane Alabama. No time to harp on a loss, however, we have rebels coming to town.

*All times Saturday and Central Time unless noted *


BYU vs Mississippi State 9:15 PM

BYU is coming off a victory against a once highly-ranked MSU team from Michigan, now, they face an MSU team from Mississippi that was just embarrassed at home by a terrible Auburn team. Did I mention the Bulldogs haven’t been this far west since ’02? Sounds like a bad time for the Mullens’ boys.

Spread: BYU -7.5

BYU 35 MSU 20

Saturday Morning:

#20 West Virginia @ Texas Tech 11 AM

Wake up to some points on Saturday. Tortillas will be thrown, just sadly, not enough to earn the Raiders a win.

Spread: WVU -2

WVU 48 TTU 41

Georgia vs Vanderbilt 11 AM

Georgia hasn’t been perfect this season, but if their game against the ‘Cocks last week is any indication, they will toss this Vandy squad that has had some respectable scores. I don’t think it’ll be a blowout, but UGA’s lead will never be questioned.

Spread: UGA – 14.5

UGA 31 Vandy 17


#1 Alabama @ #9 Tennessee 2:30 PM

Bama is favored as you’d expect, but the rankings suggest this game should be competitive, the real question is now that Tennessee has lost a game, do the wheels come completely off? I’ll take “The wheels come completely off” for 1000, Alex.

Spread: Bama -13

Bama 45 Tennessee 20

#16 Miami vs North Carolina 2:30 PM

Miami is getting so much more love than UNC despite both teams posting 4 wins. I suppose each FSU game is a good measuring stick, but I think UNC will be eager to put up points after a paltry game against VT. Kaaya appeared to get pretty banged up last week (he got a molar knocked out of his head), so it may come down to who’s QB can get it done. I’m going Trubisky with the upset!

Spread: Miami -7

Miami 27 UNC 33

Florida vs Missouri 3 PM

Florida gets the Tigers in the swamp this season which could mean new lows for the MIZZOU offense. Lock showed they can’t play against a superior defense, and the Gators have one of those. This may be an ugly game to watch.

Spread: Florida -14



#12 Ole Miss @ #22 Arkansas 6 PM

After a tough game against Bama we can expect the Hogs to try and get back to some ground attack football. Unfortunately we know this matchup is not typically a low scoring affair, unless Ole Miss is scoring 0 points. Hogs will have to give up the run game to keep up with Kelly’s second half TDs, but the Arkansas receivers will ensure this game doesn’t go to OT again this year. Oh, and Skipper blocks the go-ahead field goal.

Spread: Ole Miss -7.5

Ole Miss 41 Arkansas 42

Notre Dame vs Stanford 6:30 PM

Both teams are capable of some really awesome football, but both teams have been downright woeful this year. Pick your poison. I’m going with the home team.

Spread: ND -2.5

ND 38 Stanford 27

#2 Ohio State @ #8 Wisconsin 7 PM

Ohio State is a football force, but Wisconsin has left me rather impressed through the first half of the season. Sure, OSU has some huge wins, but they haven’t played a team that’s been able to rise to the level of their opponents quite like the Badgers. If the game was in Ohio, it’d be a done deal, but the homefield advance will be the difference here.

Spread: OSU -10

OSU 33 Wisconsin 35

Pac-12 After Dark:

UCLA @ WSU 9:30 PM

If Rosen was healthy I think the Bruins are more than capable of keeping up with the WSU scoring machine, that being said, UCLA can’t hang without him and if he even plays there is no telling how he’ll play with a bum leg. Leach has his team rolling after a truly uninspired start to the season so I don’t expect them to slow down now.

Spread: WSU -5

UCLA 21 WSU 42

Record 43-21