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Going Ham Podcast: Arkansas vs Ole Miss Preview

The Hogs Just Might Match Up Better with Ole Miss than Some Folks Think

Arkansas v Texas A&M Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Arkansas Razorbacks are gearing up to host the Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears this weekend, and it’s not as big of a mis-match as some would have you believe.

Yes, Ole Miss has a scrambling QB that will probably put up insane numbers on us because if a QB is mobile, we suck...but the RBB’s defense has actually been worse than ours this year.

Mississippi’s defense is toward the bottom of the conference in all statistical categories, and is dead last in the SEC in overall defense.

What I’m saying is, this game could be a shootout. Ole Miss has started games hot this year, and then cooled off in the second half. If the Hogs keep their wits about themselves and stop shooting their own feet, they have a chance.

That being said, we all picked the Hogs to fall this weekend. YAY OPTIMISM! Woo pig and such.