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Going Ham Podcast: Arkansas Fan Insanity

We lost to Alabama and people are acting like we lost to The Citadel

NCAA Football: Alabama at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports


I don’t know what happened to Hog fans after the Alabama game. But you would have thought we had just been throttled by a high school team’s b-squad. The Hogs are struggling against top 10 opponents, and ARKANSAS FANS ARE NOT HAVING IT.

People have lost their minds, and between twitter and message boards, too many people who don’t need to have an outlet have got multiple ones.

I don’t know what the answer is for the offensive line. I don’t know why our linebackers keep getting out of position. And I don’t know why the secondary has been sub-par for a decade or longer.

But what I DO know is that this team is 4-2, ranked, and so far has only lost to teams in the top 6. Maybe...just maybe...we lost to teams that were better than us. Why were they better than us is a different conversation.

We’ll probably talk about Ole Miss later this week, but today...Cory is done with dumbness, and Jon and Razor are just along for the ride.

Warning: Adult Language in this episode.