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Reasons to Hate: Ole Miss

Ole Mi$$ hate week!

Georgia v Mississippi Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images
  1. The Houston Nutt fiasco. This is the Rickey Henderson of lead off reasons to hate Ole Miss. The good news is that Ole Miss got exactly what they deserved. Back-to-back Cotton Bowls with Ed Orgeron’s players, followed by a 1-15 SEC record over the next two years.
  2. Laremy Tunsil has openly admitted to taking money from Ole Miss coaches. I do want to clarify this. I think all college football players should be fairly compensated. However, the fact is they aren’t and this is blatant cheating. I’d love to give every Hog $305 for their momma’s light bill.
  3. They got really good, kind of quick. This connects with number two. If they have players openly admitting to taking money, and they’ve also gotten good at a fairly quick rate, that’s a pretty close hop on the jump to conclusions mat. I also say, “kind of quick” because, they’ve added one win a season during Freeze’s tenure. But, the bubble has to bust at some point, right?
  4. They’re the only SEC West team that hasn’t played in a SEC Championship game. So, this was my favorite SEC trivia question, until they went and added Texas A&M.
  5. Technically, they are a rival. Naturally, you have to hate your rival. They have bigger rivalries than the Hogs and the Hogs have bigger rivalries than the Rebels, but a rivalry is a rivalry. There is plenty of history, going back to the first meeting in 1908.