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Arkansas vs Alabama: Final Grades

The tide turned in a hurry and just kept rolling, here are the Final Grades.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports


Passing Accuracy: A

Awareness: B

Decision Making: B

Clutch: B

Overall: B

Another battered and bruised postgame for Austin Allen, and once again he made some impressive throws. Allen completed 25 passes and gained 400 yards passing against tremendous pressure. Over and over Alabama sent five pass rushers from all different directions and levels. Man pressure, loop stunts by the DE, zone blitz he had it all thrown at him.

Not much more that you can ask of Allen in that game.

Running Back

Ball Security: B

Run Success Rate: C

YDS After Contact: C

Passing Game: D

Overall: C

None of the running backs were able to gain much on the ground, but they did not turn the ball over. Kody Walker had one dislodged that bounced out of bounds, and there were enough turnovers in others aspects of the game for everyone. Rawleigh Williams busted a 14 yarder and caught two big screen passes that moved the chains including a 29 yarder.

In pass protection the film looked ugly a few times when Devwah Whaley or Williams matched up against those NFL talent pass rushers on the other side of the ball.

Alabama just does not miss very tackles and none of the backs could gain yards after contact consistently.

Tight Ends

Run/Pass Blocking: C

Routes: B

Catch Rate: A

Overall: B

Multiple times in passing situations the Alabama defense used bracket coverage on Sprinkle with a linebacker and a safety. Still he was able to catch 3 for 37 yards and a TD. Cantrell has been in the game plan it seems in recent weeks too, and his role could continue to grow.

In the run game Cantrell, Kraus and Sprinkle were decent, missing or getting shed on a few plays.

The TD grab by Sprinkle was perfectly executed.

Wide Receiver

Catch Rate: B

Run After Catch: A

Blocking: C

Routes: B

Overall: B

Jared Cornelius again showcased his exceptional route running, hands and run after catch. He accounted for 5 catches and 146 yards matched up several times against Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Morgan and Hatcher again played well with Hatcher cashing in twice in the red zone on perfectly thrown balls. On film his footwork and route running is as good as any in the SEC.

Offensive Line

Run Blocking: D

Pass Pro: D

Short Yardage: C

Overall: D

Dan Enos continues to investigate new ways to add extra pass protection, it’s just going to be that way it seems the rest of the season. He kept a tight end in, and had a back help both inside with the guards/C and on the outside multiple plays, and Alabama still got there.

Frank Ragnow fittingly played one of his best games, but Raulerson, Froholdt and the two tackles all ended up on instant replay for the wrong reasons.

In the run game and short yardage the front 5 just could not open much up on early downs, which resulted in more drop back passes and pass rush situations.

The phantom holding call set Bret Bielema on fire rightly so, take a look for yourself.

Defensive Line

Pass Rush: D

Gap integrity: D

Contain: D

Overall: D

Alabama used the zone read to neutralize Deatrich Wise early in this game. He was caught as the read defender over and over and could not keep contain. In the few pass situations none of the front four could put any pressure on Jalen Hurts. The Bama offense moved the pocket and made those half field reads even easier for the freshmen quarterback.

Not many bright spots for the defensive line in this one.


Run Fit: D

Play Diagnosis: D

Coverage: C

Overall: D

It all seemed to go downhill once Dre Greenlaw left the game. Freshmen LB De’Jon Harris replaced Greenlaw, and does look in real game situations to have the skills but struggled making reads, dropping in coverage and shedding blocks. Later in the game when Arkansas went to LB Dwayne Eugene he played as well as any point since he has been at Arkansas, and may be a guy that sees more snaps in coming weeks.

Brooks Ellis was also caught out of position on some key runs. What he brings to the table by directing the front 4 and other linebackers can’t be overstated one bit, but Ole Miss and Auburn will be devising some of the same tactics to get him out of position.

Defensive Back

Run Fit: C

Open Field Tackling: D

Break on the ball: B

Pattern Matching: B

Overall: C+

Poor open field tackling and bad angles in recovery stood out for the DB’s. Minus the big plays to Stewart and Ridley they matched up fairly well in the passing game. How they can figure out who can contribute in the back 5 out of Liddell, Ramirez, Coley, Pulley and Toliver has to be a priority.