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Arkansas Razorbacks 75, Texas Tech Red Raiders 68: A Game Of Runs

11-10, 4-4

Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports

What you thought about this game is completely dependent on which part you paid the most attention.

The Razorbacks pulled out their second close game against a Texas team in a few days and looked fantastic - at times. Other times, they looked terrible and there wasn't a fan anywhere who wasn't convinced they'd lose.

It was an emotional game, particularly for former Red Raider Dusty Hannahs. Hannahs always dismissed such talk both before and after the game, but he let his emotions known on the court, actively cheering on the fans and generally playing with more intensity than we normally see from him. After the Hogs finally won, Hannahs was calm, cool and collected:

Similarly, Tech head coach Tubby Smith was similarly upset after the game, as you would be if your team blew a 5-point lead with 5 minutes to go. Coaches usually prohibit players from transferring to schools they're scheduled to play precisely to avoid this situation with Hannahs today, but the Big 12/SEC Challenge didn't even exist when Hannahs left Lubbock a couple of years ago.

Hannahs kept Arkansas alive in the first half. The Hogs were threatening a single-digit half before he caught fire. Arkansas opened the game scoring just 4 points in the first 8 minutes, but then Hannahs took over and scored 21 points before halftime to give the Hogs a one-point lead. He was so hot he started taking shots from the tusk on the Razorback mid-court logo in the second half, but he'd cooled off a bit by then.

The rest of the team joined Arkansas in the second half. Hannahs didn't score much in the final 20 minutes but Anthlon Bell and Moses Kingsley led Arkansas to build an 11-point lead, over a 20-point turnaround from midpoint in the first half, and Arkansas seemed to be cruising to a nice non-conference win.

Nothing comes easily for these Razorbacks though. Texas Tech went into a 1-3-1 zone and the Hogs gave up an 11-0 run in less than three minutes - and trailed by five with 5 minutes to go. Moses Kingsley scored off a couple of offensive rebounds, Trey Thompson also scored off an offensive rebound after Hannahs missed a three, and Tech missed a layup at the buzzer that could have won it.

The key sequence in halftime came when the game was tied with 2:50 to go. Bell hit a three to give Arkansa a lead and Kingsley stole the ball on Tech's ensuing possession - and maintained control of the dribble to breakaway for an uncontested dunk that brought the entire arena to its feet. Jabril Durham iced the game with a layup and a pair of free throws. Hannahs fittingly scored the last two free throws of the game to reach 25 points.

We should also give shoutouts to Manny Watkins, who had his best game in a while with 9 points. Durham scored 8 points and 4 assists. Also, Trey Thompson only scored two points - those two huge points late in regulation -  but also had nine rebounds, three blocks, and two assists.

Although Texas Tech is certainly not one of the Big 12's best teams, this will go down as a big win for the Hogs because the Raiders are a top-50 RPI team. The Hogs now have two such wins on the season after these last two games. Arkansas' next game at Florida on Wednesday is the biggest opportunity game the Hogs have left. The Razorbacks have a very favorable schedule down the stretch.

There's still plenty to play for.