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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Reaction to A&M Victory, Eddie Sutton and Bama Loves BA

Beating a top-5 team sure makes basketball fun!

Gunnar Rathbun-USA TODAY Sports

It's amazing what a win over a top 5 team can do for morale. Arkansas' win over Texas A&M fit right in with this college basketball season where ranked teams are dropping like flies. The recap of the game from Dallas News has some neat fun facts about the game. Clearly the biggest factor in the game was Texas A&M's 21 turnovers. Arkansas couldn't force them against Kentucky and paid the price for it - that changed against A&M and it showed.

Also, Fayetteville has been notoriously tough for A&M, they haven't won here since both teams were in the SWC. Aggies head coach Billy Kennedy is a believer of the Bud Walton magic, said after the game that it is the hardest place to win in the SEC.

Over at Good Bull Hunting, they also pointed out the Aggies played right into Arkansas' hands by continuously speeding up the game. There was also quite a bit of talk about the #RefShow that happened last night. Less than 24 hours before the game, a Pat Adams led crew called 55 fouls when LSU beat Georgia. In Arkansas' game there were 50. That's an incredible ONE-HUNDRED AND FIVE fouls in 80 minutes of basketball, or a foul every 45 seconds. Whenever there are that many calls, the losing team will certainly be able to point to a few that did them in. However, this much fouling isn't good for either team, both Arkansas and A&M can gripe at bad calls after last night.

It was announced earlier in the week that after Arkansas beats up on Missouri for 20 minutes in February, that Eddie Sutton will have his banner raised at Bud Walton Arena. Sutton took Arkansas from being a largely irrelevant basketball program to an incredibly successful one. That building arguably made it possible for Arkansas to reach the heights they did in the 1990's. There is more here about Sutton's tenure at Arkansas and why he deserves to have his banner raised.

Brandon Allen sure seems to be having a good time in Mobile. It is his first time in the state of Alabama since Arkansas knocked off Ole Miss, which cleared the way for Alabama's path to the national title. As a result, Allen has gotten quite a bit of fan mail from Bama fans as well as some extra attention at senior bowl practices. Allen seems to be in good spirits about it, even joking that he'll accept a championship ring from them, "if they put a hog on it."