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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: January 20

There was a lot of shake up in the Power Rankings thanks to Kentucky losing (again).

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. Texas A&M Aggies 16-2 (6-0), RPI 7, LW: 2

We've got a new team at number one. With three wins now over RPI top 25 teams, they have become the clear cut number one team in the SEC.

2. South Carolina Gamecocks 17-1 (4-1), RPI 28, LW: 3

They still don't have an RPI top 50 win, which definitely concerns me, but with the lack of "elite" teams in the SEC this year, I'll put them at two for now.

3. Kentucky Wildcats 13-4 (3-2), RPI 17, LW: 1

I really want to keep them at two, but they lost at Auburn. Back when there was that awful inaccurate narrative of "Mike Anderson can't win on the road" they Hogs were winning at Auburn. Granted, this isn't Tony Barbee's Auburn team anymore.

4. Florida Gators 11-6 (4-2), RPI 19, LW: 5

With a nice win over Ole Miss on the road, it was really easy to move them up over the Rebels.

5. LSU Tigers 11-7 (4-2), RPI 98, LW: 8

If Anton Beard hits that three, they probably don't move up at all.

6. Georgia Bulldogs 9-6 (2-3), RPI 71, LW: 6

They absolutely have to win their games this week against Missouri and Arkansas, because their next four games are at LSU, at Baylor and home against South Carolina. Easy 0-3 possibility right there.

7. Ole Miss Rebels 12-6 (2-4), RPI 70, LW: 4

It was definitely a tough week for the Rebels, with losses to LSU and Florida, but I full expect them to bounce back with the three game stretch of Mississippi State, Auburn and Missouri.

8. Auburn Tigers 8-8 (3-3), RPI 67, LW: 12

Once again, consistency is key. How do you lose to MIssouri and then beat Kentucky?

9. Alabama Crimson Tide 10-7 (1-4), RPI 46, LW: 7

If this team could find any level of consistency, I could see them being the #5 team in the conference. But, laying and egg at Vandy and losing at Auburn won't get them there.

10. Arkansas Razorbacks 9-8 (3-2), RPI 82, LW: 10

They were so close to breaking the top 10. If only they had beaten LSU.

11. Vanderbilt Commodores 10-7 (2-3), RPI 58, LW: 11

For now, they are the state champions of Alabama. However, i don't expect this to reflect on how the rest of the season will go.

12. Tennessee Volunteers 9-8 (2-3), RPI 77, LW: 9

They're just another average SEC team this year. Just like the other 5-11 ranked teams.

13. Missouri Tigers 8-9 (1-3), RPI 147, LW: 13

You have to love the transitive property that #SECBasketballFever creates. Mizzou > Auburn > Kentucky.

14. Mississippi State Bulldogs 7-9 (0-5), RPI 188, LW: 14

They're "that team" that still hasn't won a conference game yet.