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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Breaking Down Last Weekend's Three Party

Plus discussing the impact of Collins and Henry going pro.

Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

There is no way around it, Anthlon Bell and Dusty Hannahs went wild from three point range last weekend against Mississippi State. Arkansas made 16 threes while shooting a hyper-efficient 75 percent to bury the Bulldogs. Andrew Hutchinson broke down each of the makes from that game, and some interesting trends developed. The Hogs buried seven transition threes, and all but one of those was assisted by Jabril Durham. Even through the Hogs struggled inside the paint, Arkansas was able to pull away thanks to 3 being greater than 2.

While making 16 threes is certainly nice, it's not sustainable. We may not see another shooting performance like that again this season. Mike Anderson is fully aware and has warned his players that this kind of performance can mask some bigger issues. Arkansas had 16 turnovers against the Bulldogs, but no one really was too concerned about that when Dusty is banking in threes. Heading to Missouri, Arkansas can't expect to get that kind of performance again and will need to fix the turnover problem first.

The last two games also solidified Anthlon Bell as a major weapon of this Razorback team. After spending plenty of time in the shadow behind Michael Qualls and Bobby Portis, Bell is stepping up to lead the team. In SEC play Bell is averaging over 22 points per game so what is the biggest change? According to Bell it's just confidence. Being the main guy has given him confidence to not only have the green light at all times, but also to make plays defensively or in the paint.

It was expected for Alex Collins to head to the NFL, now Arkansas has to replace three of their biggest stars on offense in addition to the leaving seniors. The good news is that Tight End and Running Back are two of Arkansas' deepest positions, so while Collins and Hunter Henry are big losses, the sting might not be felt as long. The Razorback Nation Roundtable discussed the impact of losing those two players, as well as the Hogs getting Kurt Anderson as the new offensive line coach.