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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter - Hello 2016

May the new year bring touchdowns for all. Except Wildcats.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Pittman won't be the only coach leaving the Hogs this offseason. You might not know the name Aaron Henry, but you've probably seen him on the sidelines. He was one of the more enthusiastic coaches and one of the first to congratulate the team after every stop. He's moving up the line, to be the Defensive Backs coach at Rutgers and joining Chris Ash. Henry is only 26 years old, but Bret Bielema had nothing but encouraging things to say about Henry. Coaching turnover happens at every program but this move seems to be the exact opposite of what the Sam Pittman situation ended up being.

Every bowl game has those fun human interests stories that - with the Tom Rinaldi touch - can bring anyone to tears. Memphis media has a nice one of those pieces on Brandon Allen. Allen got more than his fair share of hard knocks while at Arkansas. Now Allen holds a good number of school records and is the unquestioned leader of the team. Allen picked himself up, both literally and figuratively many times to get to this point. And closing out his career with one more win will be more of just that resiliency he has gotten so good at.

Bowl preparation is a time where coaches can introduce new wrinkles or possibly overthink things. Robb Smith is preparing for any situation the Kansas State might throw at the Arkansas defense. One of those situations could be some up tempo offense. Bill Snyder's offense might put some people to sleep but the extra practices could give the Wildcats a chance to speed things up. If you look at the numbers for plays and pace, it might be laughable to think Kansas State is capable of it, but Smith wants to be prepared for any situation.

Bowl practices also tend to have one eye on next year. Fox Sports talks about how these practices are giving Arkansas some more chances at figuring out who will be quarterbacking the Hogs next year. So far Austin Allen has the early lead for the spot, but Dan Enos talks about how with any young quarterback, inconsistency is a major problem. Allen, Ty Storey, Rafe Peavey and Ricky Town could all take the spot of starting quarterback in 2016, and it might be whoever makes the jump to be the most consistent first.