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Tusk Talk Podcast #3: Arkansas vs UTEP Recap

What did we learn, or at least, what did we find interesting?

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

We're back with another episode of Tusk Talk. The holiday pushed us back a little as we're going to try to post these on Mondays, but here we are with our full UTEP review.

The headline on the graphic below mentions "Deciphering the Postgame Coach Speak" but that's a pretty small part of the show because Bielema and his staff generally don't say much interesting stuff immediately following a game. There were a couple of noteworthy things we mention, but Bielema and the coordinators generally reserve their more interesting tidbits for the Monday press conference, which they did this week (the podcast was recorded prior to that press conference, so if we said anything that might contradict with what they said yesterday, that's why).

For the most part, we go in depth with the offense and the defense, what surprised us, what we learned, what stood out, and what it all might mean going forward.

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