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SEC Coaches Discuss The Arkansas Razorbacks Anonymously In Athlon

We all know the media narrative, but what are the coaches saying about the Razorbacks this year?

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Athlon today released their annual feature on SEC coaches talking anonymously about other teams. You might remember Arkansas getting some not-so-flattering comments the last couple of years, particularly in 2013, which unfortunately proved to be correct.

That's no longer the case, however. The other coaches appear to give the Razorbacks their full respect, as the only non-positive comment is an acknowledgment of the loss of Trey Flowers and Darius Philon. It's nothing too earth-shattering, but I always think it's interesting to see what the coaches say. Some of the things are obvious, but some are interesting tidbits about schemes and roster notes. Here's what they had to say about Arkansas:

“The thing that comes to mind with them is just how big they are. They’re freaking huge, and they’re physical. Yeah, they do a lot of shifts and motions offensively, but the big thing is they’re going to establish the run game, pound you and try to wear you down.”

“The defense is sound. They play with great fundamentals, and they’re not going to beat themselves. They’re going to let the offense eat the clock up.”

“Robb Smith did as good a job as anybody in the country last year with that defense. His scheme is very sound, very solid and he doesn’t ask those guys to do too much, but he puts them in position to make plays. He’s really good scheming up his opponent and taking away what they do best. I was really impressed with the way he had those guys playing by the end of the year.”

“Losing the (Darius) Philon kid early will hurt them up front. He and (Trey) Flowers were two difference-makers.”

“Bijhon Jackson is their best inside guy, and Deatrich Wise is a really good long player at defensive end that can maybe be similar to what Flowers was for them.”

“I don’t think they have elite guys on the back end, but they don’t play a lot of man. They’re a zone team and his scheme allows those guys to play well with what they do.”

“Brooks Ellis is a solid player at linebacker. He made great strides last year from the year before. I think he’ll be very good.”