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Arkansas Razorbacks Preseason Practice Report - August 14th

It's scrimmage-eve!

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Our players responded with a very solid practice this afternoon in preparation for our first big scrimmage tomorrow. Will be a <a href="">#WoooPig</a> day!</p>&mdash; Bret Bielema (@BretBielema) <a href="">August 15, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Here are some highlights from Friday's practice reports. Click the links to get more tidbits and interview videos.

After what was widely described as a sluggish practice on Thursday, Friday was expected to be the team's first two-a-day to make up for the poor performance. However, it appears the team wasn't quite so awful on Thursday that it required an extra practice session.

From Eric Bolin:

The presumption was the first two-a-day of the fall was coming Friday. The presumption was wrong.

"It wasn’t a two-a-day," safety Rohan Gaines said. "What he did was he just took what we messed up yesterday and put it in today’s practice and kind of re-adjusted the script a little bit so we could get those things right that we messed up on."

Friday’s session with the media was originally scheduled for 11 a.m. That was changed immediately following yesterday’s practice. Players entered the Smith Center on Friday closer to 6 p.m., instead.

So Bielema must have been pretty angry about yesterday, then, right?

"It was probably one of our shortest ones today," Gaines said. "It was something just, we had a longer break from lunch until time to practice, just to give us time to rest our bodies. He didn’t want to sacrifice us going extra long today for the scrimmage tomorrow."

From Hawgs247 on freshman linebacker Dre Greenlaw, who played safety in high school:

Since Greenlaw was unsure to a degree he even wanted to play linebacker, wouldn't he have to consider himself ahead of where he thought he would be at this point at linebacker?

"For the most part, most definitely," Greenlaw said. "When we first came in I was like, 'oh man, I've got to learn all this.' As we started going through I took it step-by-step. I started understanding it and getting a feel for it then it started coming naturally. I just started seeing things open better and I started seeing a gap open and stuff like that."

As noted, Bielema had special praise for Greenlaw on the special teams. That's an area where Greenlaw figures to make another big impression this fall.

"I am working on kickoff return, punt return, punt coverage," Greenlaw said. "That's awesome he said that especially coming from a head coach. I just do my best to make an impact and get noticed so it's real special coming from him, nice."

From the UA report on senior defensive lineman Mitchell Loewen:

A couple of off-the-radar guys at very different points in their career have put together a string of good practices this week. Senior Mitchell Loewen continues to impress, lining up at a variety of different spots along the defensive line. Loewen began his career as a walk on and has played numerous position during his time on The Hill, but settled into the defensive line last season and played well in a reserve role. After missing time to injury, he’s healthy now and is a big reason why the depth on the defensive line has been so impressive for the Razorbacks.