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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: August 14th: Hog Previews, Hog Haters, Offensive Line Walkon


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Think the Razorbacks are going to have a special season? Then you'll love this article from Matt Hayes at the Sporting News. This story's gotten a lot of talk among different Hog media outlets this week because it's quite glowing. It is pretty remarkable to think of all the stuff this year's 4th and 5th-year seniors have been through at Arkansas as they're the only players left from The Season That Shall Not Be Named. What a journey.

The media's not being all sunshine and rainbows for Arkansas, however. Eric Bolin is warning caution because of question marks remaining with the team. Barrett Sallee at Bleacher Report is predicting a 7-5 season. If Arkansas doesn't reach at least 8 wins I'm pretty sure fans would consider this year a disappointment.

The worst though were these bowl projections by Jerry Palm at CBS Sports. He pics the Razorbacks to go to the lowly Birmingham Bowl to play Cincinnati. That would be absolutely terrible. As we saw last year, a 6-6 team is likely to be the one headed to Birmingham, so that would mean a complete disaster of a season. And I'm the record as saying the Birmingham Bowl is an awful bowl. It's not a necessarily easy or fun place to go for most Hog fans and they don't even play a Power 5 opponent and it's in an old dilapidated stadium. No positive spin to that. Pray it doesn't happen.

In more pleasant news, you know how Arkansas has all these highly-touted players on the offensive line? Well, there's one player on the two-deep who's come pretty much out of nowhere. Johnny Gibson is a walk-on from Dumas, Arkansas and is currently second string at left tackle behind Denver Kirkland. You can check out his story on


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