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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: July 24 - Toledo Preview, Hogs in SEC Race, ACC vs SEC AND MORE

Plus, the TWEET O' THE WEEK!

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Following the home opener against UTEP in Fayetteville Sept. 5, Arkansas travels down to Little Rock to square off with Toledo. This certainly isn't the quality of game the good folks in Little Rock probably deserve, but maybe things will get a little weird. It is MACtion, after all. Our friends at the Hustle Belt, the SB Nation MAC site, previewed the Razorbacks and the matchup with the Rockets in War Memorial. The SEC has beaten the MAC 22 consecutive times, and Arkansas should be able to push the streak another game.

The Razorbacks were the trendy pick at SEC Media Days, selected to finish fourth in the West ahead of some teams that will more than likely spend time in the top 25 this season. The West is treacherous and a place where you can't hide. But despite expectations, from the media at least, of finishing in the middle of the pack, the Hogs are also a sexy pick to disrupt the SEC title race. Heck, this could have been the case if the ball would have bounced Arkansas' may once or twice last season.

When looking up and down the Razorbacks depth chart or the roster, you can point out several players who could ultimately decide the type of season Arkansas can have dependent on the season he has. Brandon Allen is the obvious choice as one of the primary candidates for most important player for Bret Bielema in 2015. But is he the most important? Who are the players, in your mind, the team couldn't function without? Think about it.

Dave Doeren, who is the head coach of a school in the ACC – which one I am not sure – made a statement at ACC Media Days – yes, they had it, you just didn't hear about it because NO ONE CARES – claiming the ACC has outperformed the SEC the last two football seasons. On the surface it may seem like an irrational and far-out claim, but Ryan Nanni of EDSBS broke it down for us. Hard to argue with the numbers and #analysis.

Tweet of the Week

As it turns out, Bielema's comment have helped motivate Texas. BERT'S GONNA HELP TEXAS BEAT RICE!