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Ted Kapita Will Not Play For The Arkansas Razorbacks This Year

Not good. Not good.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

One of Arkansas' prized basketball recruits will not play for the Razorbacks this year after failing to qualify.

Ted Kapita, a 4* power forward ranked among the top 50 or so high school basketball players in the country, will spend next season at the SPIRE Men's Basketball Academy in Ohio.

Kaptia had long been something of a question mark due to a hip injury suffered last season that kept him off the floor much of the year, and rumors of eligibility concerns did hover around him frequently. Regardless, Arkansas signed him in the spring signing period and hoped he would be an immediate contributor this year with the departure of Bobby Portis and Alandise Harris. That will not happen, now.

This leaves Arkansas with two unused scholarships this season and potentially six open spots for the Class of 2016. With the recent arrests and indefinite suspensions of three other players, more spots may be up in the air.