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Summer Hot Takes: Can Arkansas Really Win The SEC West?

Kirk Herbstreit says he's "leaning toward" picking Arkansas to win the SEC West. Do you really, honestly, truly believe the Razorbacks can do it?

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MitchellHonestly, I think Arkansas has a legitimate chance. Albeit, a very small one! Like, 5% chance. But, this is the first team in 4 years that I think could contest with the heavy hitters of the SEC, and as we know, it only takes a few games going the right way to be in the mix.

ScottieNo. You might be drinking Hunch Punch if you say yes.

MarkOf course we have a chance. It's a slim one, sure. But it's not out of the realm of possibility. Footballs a long grind; who knows what can happen...maybe we could be the last team standing in a division of gladiators. But I'm guessing 2016 is when we truly are in position to contend for the title. This year, we're poised to take another step.

Derek: No. It would take a lot of luck for that to occur. If all the stars aligned, and every team had significant injuries the week Arkansas played them, maybe, but that would be the only way.

Adam*cue Roger from Angels in the Outfiled* " could happen!"

Ryan:     Hot Take warning     Hell no. Absolutely laughable to believe the Hogs win at Alabama and LSU in the same season. When was the last time that happened? If Vegas thought the Hogs were going to win 10 games, I MIGHT buy it. But Vegas doesn't miss by two or three games on a team often. Think about how good the 2011 team was, they didn't win the West. They had studs all over the field. 2011 beats this team by three touchdowns, maybe more. Let's think about this. In SEC play, the seniors are 4-20. The juniors are 2-14 and the sophomores are 2-6. But they are going win at least six, probably more, to win the SEC West? The last time six wins won the SEC West was 2007, Nick Saban's first year at Alabama. So, just stop it. I like this team. I want them to succeed, but to predict you'd have to be in that Mizzou meth.

JoshThe infamous "one in a million" Dumb and Dumber quote comes to mind. So your saying theres a chance... yeah there is, and a much higher chance this year than 2014. If things fall in place, no injuries, some breaks in big games it could happen.

JamieNot this year. But I'll have no problem being happily wrong in Atlanta if it happens.

Doc: If Robb Smith is the genius we all believed him to be by the end of last season, I'll believe Arkansas has a chance. More likely, however, is that I don't think the defense - particularly the linebacker group - is strong enough to accomplish it. I'm really not worried about the offense, but the defense has too many question marks.

I will say this though, I don't think Arkansas has to win at both Alabama and LSU to do it. They can split and do it if everything else falls their way. I also don't think the 2011 team was three touchdowns better. That team was really good but ultimately overrated. This Hog team is better than those 2011 Vanderbilt and Ole Miss teams that gave those Hogs everything they could handle.

It's just too hard to see Arkansas going 7-1, and even 6-2 is a stretch. If the Hogs do go 6-2, obviously it would depend greatly on who those "2" are before figuring out if the Hogs could get to Atlanta.

That being said, if Robb Smith's a genius, the Razorbacks will make a run and he'll earn a 7-figure contract come winter.