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Summer Hot Takes: Where Will The Media Pick Arkansas at SEC Media Days?

The official SEC preseason predictions will be released this week at SEC Media Days. Where will they pick Arkansas, and where should they pick Arkansas?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Josh: They will put this team somewhere around 3rd or 4th in the West. The media hype works whether it is warranted or not. I kind of wish there was not as much attention being paid and they could kind of fly under the radar somewhat. Surprising an Alabama or Auburn would do more for the media attention than all the pre season chatter. After last season and considering what is returning, they realistically should be picked about 5th. Behind Alabama, Auburn, Miss St, Ole Miss. Will the two Mississippi schools are able to put together another comparable early season performance? Probably not.

Ryan: Wherever 4-4 gets you in the SEC West is where they SHOULD be predicted.  I think they will be a trendy pick for some, so I guess they will be picked 3rd or 4th.

Mitchell: Well I think Arkansas will be picked to finish between 3 and 5. However, I'm putting Arkansas more in the 4 to 6 range if i'm being realistic. This is the SEC we're talking about, and I'm not so sure this defense will snap back to where it was last year.

Mark: I think we could be picked anywhere from third to sixth but I'd go with fourth, which is where we probably should be.

Derek: Arkansas will likely be picked last again or next to last, but I think fifth is where I would pick them (if I had a vote). The division is so cutthroat, that the last place team would likely finish second or third in the East and probably compete for a division title in a lot of other conferences.

AdamI think we'll get thrown around 5 or 6 in the division, but it wouldn't shock me to get zero respect and get picked last. This year is going to be extremely tough on the Hogs but I think it's extremely possible we finish 2 or 3, but still be a good team and finishing 6 or 7.

Scottie:  I'm expecting 6th or 7th. Seriously though, think about it: who is going to finish last? You can scratch Alabama, LSU, Auburn and Ole Miss I think. That leaves Mississippi State, who has the best QB in the league, Texas A&M, who hired John Chavis as its DC and should be salty on offense, and Arkansas. I don't want to be the media members filling out the order, or the one being Debbie Downer, but I expect 6-7. I think they should be in the 5-6 range. This division, man. It's brutal.

JamieThey'll be picked 4/5 in the West. I keep seeing Ole Miss above us and equal with A&M but I think we'll be neck & neck with LSU for the 3rd spot in the West.

Doc: I think they'll pick Arkansas 5th. I think they'll pick Alabama and Auburn 1/2 in some order, Ole Miss 3rd, LSU 4th, A&M 6th and I'm pretty confident Mississippi State will be picked 7th.

Now where would I put Arkansas? I'm going to say 4th. I think Ole Miss and Auburn are the most overrated and A&M is the most underrated. And probably everybody is wrong.