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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: June 29 – Arkansas SECN Takeover, Arkansas-Auburn, Joe Johnson AND MORE


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The #SECNTakeover has begun, kicking off with Alabama today. Arkansas, and takeover host Jimmy Dykes, will get its day Tuesday (on my birthday). A full day of many of the most exciting and memorable Razorbacks games will be coming through your TV tomorrow, so you might want to go ahead and call in sick or fake your own death. Seriously, the schedule is fire. You've at least got to DVR the entire takeover – or your favorite games – and watch it later. I believe a "Film Room" of the LSU win with Bo Mattingly and Bret Bielema will air, which should be interesting. And if you're wondering why the 1994 title game vs. Duke won't be shown, NCAA Championships weren't available for re-air, so there you go. Regardless, this is going to be fun. First up: 1999 Tennessee at Arkansas.

One of my favorite parts of summer is the Golden Nugget releasing its lines on the top 200 games of the year in college football. I'll be making my way to Vegas in the next few days and plan to check out the list and take a little action on some great games. Vegas released a spread for each of Arkansas' eight SEC games, and has the Hogs favorites in half, including -6.5 vs. Auburn in Fayetteville. That didn't sit real well with one AL dot com writer, who, because of course he did, made a pork joke.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired of seeing Joe Johnson in a Brooklyn Nets uniform. It just seems like a hopeless situation for him as far as contending for a title. And according to a recent report, he isn't going anywhere after some rumor he may have been coming to Memphis in a trade, which would be great for him and Arkansas fans. There is still some belief Brooklyn will find a taker for JJ, but we'll just have to wait and see. He's still gettin' paid, though. Believe that.

Bobby Portis' family doesn't have to struggle anymore. The kid people said was too thin, too weak and soft in high school is now a Chicago Bull. Really, BP fell into a great situation and right into the laps of a title contender. He'll have to fight for playing time, though. The Bulls have a pretty solid frontcourt. But while many have the opinion Portis may never be a star, Big Nasty has other thoughts.

Tweet of the Week

Mississippi needs some HEPPIN' after last week.