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Summer Hot Takes: Should Arkansas Play Overseas? Overlooking Texas Tech?

What's the deal with this new trend of playing overseas? Baylor's considering playing in Australia. Notre Dame has played a couple of games in Ireland. Should Arkansas consider joining in? Also, let's talk a little about some actual football that will be played this fall.

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1. Would you support a Razorback football game being played outside the US?

Ryan: This is the dumbest idea since the Hogs agreed to a home and home with Rutgers. No one in the state of NY cares about college football let alone Rutgers football so good luck "brand building" in market where college football is behind hockey on the list. But, I digress...

It would be awesome if the women's soccer team played a game overseas where they care about soccer. It would be cool if the baseball team played an exhibition game in Japan or Latin America where they love baseball. No one outside America gives two you-know-whats about American football so everyone needs to quit forcing it as an issue. Do the sports that fit instead of forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Robert: I would want to see how our fan base travels for an early season away game that's not in Dallas first. I honestly don't care about the money or whether we would be building the brand more, but I would hate to see us fail to travel.

Mitchell: I'm ambivalent on an international game. Might help the state of Arkansas from a tourism standpoint since most foreigners aren't all that familiar with the mess of states in the middle of the continent, but I don't think it will do much for the team. Personally, I hated having to watch UCF play in Ireland last fall. I think the jet lag did more harm than good. I guess you could use it as a recruiting tool if you're inclined.

Adam: I think it would be fun for the players, because anytime you get to travel outside of the country can be rewarding. But when it comes to the game itself, it seems pointless and I don't see how it would benefit anyone except the ones making the investment for future pocket stuffing.

Mark: Not unless there was an obvious benefit to the program, be it branding or recruiting. If a global demand for American college football begins to present itself in the future, that's one thing and maybe I'll get behind games being played overseas. But doing it just because we have the corporate dollars to make it happen? That's nonsense.

Jamie: No.  This is a terrible idea.  I honestly think it’s a bad idea for almost any fan base, but we’re not an exception to that rule.  Every game we play is nationally televised already so losing a home game for our fans is not worth a poorly attended game in Timbuktu.

Scottie: No not at all. Sure it'd be pretty cool for the players getting to travel to a place they otherwise never would (more than likely), but only the most die hard Razorback fans would make the trip, so fan support there would probably be really slim. Plus, college football isn't nearly as popular overseas. The real question is how would other countries prepare for BERT COMIN'.

Doc: We all agree it's pretty much a dumb idea. College football is a national sport but fandom is usually hyperlocal. I don't even like playing A&M in Arlington. Anyway, let's move on to another topic.

2. Are Hog fans are overlooking the Texas Tech game?

Robert: I think most Hog fans are not expecting Texas Tech to be any better than last year. I DO think it's the most highly anticipated non-conference game of the season, but it is setting up to potentially disappoint. I think we will win, but if Tech scores 28 again, and Arkansas doesn't comfortably have the game in control in the 3rd quarter, it will cause many fans to think the team has somehow regressed.

MitchellYes and no. Most are chalking it up as a win already without much thought, but it's probably our most interesting nonconference matchup that a lot of people are excited about.

Adam: We definitely weren't last year, but after the beating we delivered on their home field, I can see how a lot of fans think this year will be about the same. Could it be a different story? Without a doubt, but with the brutal schedule we have, I'm with those fans who think Texas Tech will be one of our gimme games.

Mark: Possibly. I think Tech will be better and fans are writing it off as an easy, blowout win. My main concern about the coming year is that fans forget how hard it was to get back where we are. Nothing will come easy, and if we don't win 56-14 but still win, it's OK. Granted, there are a couple of games, at least, that we should expect to win big. But my money's on Gosling of the High Plains getting his offense back in gear, anyway.

Ryan: I don't see Texas Tech getting that much better or the Hogs getting that much worse. When you curb stomp someone at their place like the Hogs did last season, it's tougher to keep hyped about the fight.

Jamie: I think when you play in the SEC, especially the West, it’s hard to not overlook non-premire out of conference games, but I’m not sure TT has anything that fans should be overly concerned about, and I don’t have any concerns about this coaching staff letting the team overlook this game… 1-0

Scottie: Definitely. Given how last year's game went and what's on the schedule after TTU comes in, it's easy for fans to overlook it. I think they're expecting the Hogs to just sit on Tech like they did last year.

Doc: Arkansas should be favored, and they are. It's easy to overlook the Raiders when they turned out to be so disappointing last year and there are so many sexier games on Arkansas' schedule, but I don't consider it a gimme. If nothing else, they'll probably be focused on some sort of revenge when last year they may have been overlooking us. Is that enough for them to win? Doubtful. But if the Hogs are looking ahead to A&M, it could make things interesting.