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Arkansas Football Schedule: UTEP, Toledo, Texas Tech Game Times Announced

Here's what time the Hogs will kick off the first three weeks of the season.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

UTEP: 2:30 on ESPNU

Stay hydrated. The first couple of Week 1 games of the Bielema era have been extraordinarily hot. Another mid-afternoon kick off sets up well to make it three in a row.

Toledo: 3:00 on SEC Network alternate channel

No night game for War Memorial this year. The lone matchup in Little Rock is against Toledo and it will kick off at 3:00 in the afternoon. Really, UA is fortunate this didn't get the morning slot. Selling tickets with no SEC game in the package could be difficult, and a morning game against an opponent like Toledo would be a killer.

Oh, and keep on staying hydrated. Could be another warm and humid affair.

Texas Tech: 6:00 on ESPN2

PRIME TIME! This is what we're talking about. There will be plenty of excitement for this one. The Razorbacks finally get their first Power 5 opponent of the year at home and it's prime time. For many, this is when the season really begins.

Only about 80 or so days away, y'all!

Here's the complete SEC schedule for the first 3 weeks.