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What Impact Will Dominique Reed Make on the Arkansas Offense?

Will the speedy wideout have an immediate impact on the Razorback offense?

Arkansas Sports 360 (RIP)

The campus of Coffeyville Community College is only 150 miles away from Razorback Stadium, but the distance from the NJCAA conference and the SEC is much much greater. The talent level and competition is completely different, but former Coffeyville CC players Martrell Spaight, and AJ Derby made that transition and ended their careers at Arkansas as key components of the team. Adding Dominique Reed could pay off big in the next two seasons, and the coaching staff is betting that he will contribute immediately.

Another in state player originally from Camden Fairview, Reed was a 2-star high school prospect and is now rated as a 3 to 4 star after his time at Coffeyville. He joins a group of wide receivers that has been missing a speedy deep threat, so Reed has the potential to make an even more immediate impact than the previously mentioned Spaight and Derby.

What is Reed's Skill Set?

At Reed's size, (6'3) and speed (4.3) there just were not many teams that could cover him at the JUCO level. Most of his routes at Coffeyville were deep 9 routes where he was just expected to outrun the coverage and outjump them for the ball. He was able to show his quickness and burst on some sort screens and over the middle routes, but the deep ball was his go to route against just about any coverage.


It will be a luxury to have him on campus in the summer going through strength and conditioning. That will be the area that will be a big jump, just being able to block in some situations and take some hits from time to time.

His hands are solid, and he made many tough catches in traffic.

3 and 4 WR Sets on the Outside

In fall practice there will likely be some experimenting going on with personnel combinations. Reed's speed will be a good compliment for the between-the-hash guys like Keon Hatcher, Drew Morgan, Jared Cornelius and Hunter Henry.

Reed Twins set routes

His first reps will probably be in a 2 minute offense situation or a 3rd and long 3-4 wide. Something like a trips set more than likely where he can get vertical on the outside and use that speed. How he adapts to becoming a skilled route runner and breaking those off for a 10-12 yard comeback at the first down marker will be a key to his development.

DReed trips

Early in non conference play Dan Enos will be looking to get a feel of what he has at the wide out position, and this should give Reed and several other guys down the depth chart some added opportunities. The competition between Jared Cornelius, Jo Jo Robinson, Cody Hollister, Drew Morgan, Damon Mitchell and now Dominique Reed will be a battle in the fall. At least two or three of that group will need to become a big part of the passing game as the season goes on and several others will be asked to contribute at key points.

Throughout the course of a game there are many times where a key spot substitution after a long gain requires the next man up to be on the field. So there will be some key situations where he could be asked to get on the field and produce. I, along with many fans am hoping he is able to make an impact immediately like what Mississippi GC CC transfer Duke Williams did at Auburn last season. Big time speed at the WR position combined with the more than capable presence of Keon Hatcher and the wealth of tight ends will give even more weaponry that this 2015 Arkansas offense can call upon.