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How Many Arkansas Fans Renewed Their Little Rock Season Tickets?

Absolutely not trying to flame a GSD debate here, just an honest question

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It was pretty impossible to miss the tweets, emails, and even a robo-call from Bret Bielema over the last couple of weeks, so I assume pretty much everybody knows that the deadline to renew your season tickets for Razorback football was last week.

With good reason, the 2015 Razorback team is being hyped as a legitimately good team. A strong finish to last season, a bunch of returning starters (on the offensive side), and it being Year 3 of the Bielema era have all combined to create a sense of good times comin!

Because of all that (and no increases in ticket prices or donation requirements this year), it stands to reason that Razorback fans possibly bought more season tickets than usual - at least the Fayetteville package.

For the first time probably since the stadium opened in 1948, there will be no conference games in War Memorial Stadium this season. In order to accommodate Arkansas playing a "home" conference game in Arlington instead of in Arkansas, the Razorbacks renegotiated their deal with War Memorial to avoid only having two conference games in Fayetteville. That means Little Rock season tickets this year only get fans in to see the Hogs play Toledo.

While certainly not the most expensive college football tickets out there, $55 per ticket and the donation aren't cheap for most people, and the bigger conference games have always been sort of a dangling carrot to justify buying tickets to non-conference games in season ticket packages across college football.

So I'm just curious, with no LSU, Georgia, Ole Miss, or Mississippi States included in the package, did you renew or buy your "season tickets" for the lone Little Rock game?