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Arkansas Reportedly Will Play In Preseason NIT

Want to spend Thanksgiving with the Razorbacks in New York City?

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The Razorbacks are expected to participate in this fall's NIT Season Tip-Off tournament, which features a couple of games for the Hogs most likely in New York City. The event had previously always been held at Madison Square Garden but it was recently announced MSG wouldn't be able to host it this fall. An official location has not yet been announced.

Last year, the tournament moved to a set classic tournament where each team is guaranteed games in NYC instead of having to win the quarterfinal at home to make it. This year, the four semifinal teams supposedly will be Arkansas, Villanova, Georgia Tech, and Stanford. The official dates haven't been set but last year, the semifinals were the Wednesday before Thanksgiving while the championship and the consolation game are the Friday after the holiday (the day Arkansas will likely play Missouri in football).

Akron and Wisconsin-Green Bay will be two of the other teams, with two more yet to be announced. One of these four teams would play Arkansas in Bud Walton prior to the games in New York.

It should be noted that this report is from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer and has not been officially announced by the Razorbacks. Arkansas has not yet officially signed a contract to play in the event although it would seem they are expected to do so.