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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: March 4 - Michael Qualls, Jimmy Dykes, UK Review AND MORE

Plus, the tweet of the week!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Qualls, by the time his run at Arkansas is over, may be the most popular player to put on a Razorback uniform in more than a decade. He's easily a fan favorite for his highlight reel dunks and freakish athletic ability. But a lot of times, fans and media tend to forget that college athletes are real people, too, with real issues and difficult upbringings, and are not here solely to entertain us for 40 minutes two or three times per week. There's more to Qualls than his dunks and his interesting hairstyle. Evin Demirel sat down with Qualls to get a better sense of who he is as a player and a father.

And on the topic of college athletes being fathers, CBS Sports did a terrific article on the "paternal fraternity," telling the stories of the players and what all they deal with and go through, playing college basketball and raising a child at the same time. It's a little bit lengthy, but if you have the time to read it you, you'll be glad you did.

Jimmy Dykes, you could say, has had a pretty up-and-down go of it in his first season with the Arkansas women's basketball program. The team faltered down the final stretch of conference play, meaning Dykes' club will need a strong showing in the SEC Tournament to bolster a shaky NCAA tournament resume and prevent a trip to the WNIT or being left out of postseason play altogether. He preached (for the lack of a better term) the #BeArkansas motto, and has instilled a toughness in his team. Hell, they may shoot nine percent in every game, but they fight hard.

To be perfectly honest, what did we learn in Arkansas' 17-point loss to Kentucky at Rupp? I know I didn't learn much aside from the fact Kentucky is just that good. Plus, even after the loss, thanks to the way some other games played out, Arkansas rose in the RPI and to a 4-seed by CBS Sports. In all likelihood I think the Razorbacks are destined for a 5-seed, but that all depends on how the final two games and the SEC Tournament play out.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to make the trip to Rupp Arena for the game. Here's my gamer if you want to relive the agony. Completely understand if not.

Tweet of the Week

Just read the entire tweet thread to grasp the tweet. Ryan and I went momentarily insane Monday, but this made me lose it.